• Role: Produced, and assisted scripting for NBC News Now.

Teamed with NBC News Ben Popken to produce a package on “Operation Blackout,” a simulation of worst-case cyberattack scenarios for the 2020 Presidential Race. 


  • Role: Created, produced, shot, edited the story.

“International Noles” aired on Fox Sun Sports, a weekly show highlighting Division 1 Florida State University athletics. The package featured international super athletes at Florida State University.


  • Role: Second Unit Director; directed and conducted interviews with talent. Assist to the Producers; researched, archival collection, location scouting, and production book creation.

‘Graceful Voices’, a current PBS nationally released documentary, shares the life experiences of Bahamian and African American women who tell the many stories of life behind the grand gates of the exclusive Coral Gables Florida neighborhood. Many of these women were born in the houses they still live in today and speak of what life was like as second class citizens and the many successful battles they fought to keep their community together.


  • Role: Collaborated with the design team on concept and location. Produced, shot, and edited the video.
  • Recently edited a proportional video for the 2021 Summer Collection.

Social Media promotional video for Essence of Nature a fashion collection by designer Nanette Gabriele. Created to elevate the designer’s summer collection and overall imagine of the brand.